Falls Creek HOA

When does the trash and recycling get picked up?

Every Friday morning unless there is a federal holiday that week. If there is a holiday, trash will be picked up on Saturday.

How do I get my lawn waste removed?

Sign up with Republic Services for a yearly fee. Once you are registered, the pickup is every Monday.

Is there snow removal?

Yes, the neighborhood has a contract for snow removal if and when it’s needed.

When are the HOA fees due?

The invoice is mailed out in January from Kentucky Realty.

Who do I contact to fix potholes or street issues?

Contact the Metro Council District 16 office at 502-574-1116

Who do I contact to repair street gutters?

Contact MSD 502-540-6000

If I have a question about neighborhood policies, a complaint or general question who do I contact?

Ask a question on the Contact Us portion of the neighborhood website.

Falls Creek Newsletter and FAQ's 043023

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