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Minutes – Falls Creek Home Owners Association Annual Meeting

The annual residents meeting of the Falls Creek Homeowners Association, Inc. (FCHA) was held on 2019 Jan 7, at Station 1, of the Harrods Creek Fire Protection District, located at 8905 US Hwy 42, Louisville, Kentucky.
1. The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm, by Bill Haley, Kentucky Realty.
Current Board Members present:
Donnie Miller, incoming President
Karen Meier, Secretary
Ron Newcomer, Treasurer
Jim Conner
Kenton Graviss, Vice President
Cindi Calvert
Current Board Members absent:Keenan Foy, outgoing President
Speakers:Scott Reed, Councilman, Bill Haley, Kentucky Realty

2. Residences represented in person:
(~30 present)
a. A motion was presented from the floor to forego the reading of the 2018 Minutes. This motion was seconded, and via a hand vote was accepted by the majority.
b. Another motion was presented from the floor to accept the Minutes.
This motion was seconded, and via a hand vote was accepted by the majority.

3. Presentation by, Mr. Bill Haley regarding the HOA balance sheet, which was made available to all attendees.

4. Mr. Bill Haley addressed the following:
a. Speed bump requests – tied into topography and their restrictions
b. Residential property maintenance issues discussed.
c. Speeders – security patrols were reviewed and statistics/activity report furnished to those present. Expense decreased and coverage increased when combined with Beechspring Farm and Ivy Ridge
d. Transferred landscaping contract, including “1st service” snow removal ($12,000 snow budget with $5,000 retainer). It was noted that LawnPro provided good snow removal but less responsive with landscaping issues.
e. Decreased insurance by 50% by contracting with different insurance provider.
f. New website: FallscreekHOA.com
g. Financials: balance sheet reviewed for year-end and is in PDF format.
h. One hundred percent dues paid for year 2018 (second consecutive year).

5. Speaker CM Scott Reed, Councilman, held a question and answer session:
a. Barbour Lane repaving pending, $275,000 funded, starting target date early spring and to address ponding.
b. Scott Reed to contact Hwy 42 state road project to address reflectors.
c. Constituents requested right turning light at the Hwy 42/Wolf Pen intersection.
d. Animal registry was discussed regarding required convictions.
e. Metro Louisville budget is $600 million.
f. MSD’s requested rate increase must go through bonding co. to get funding; however, MSD has furnished no project details. Councilman Reed has requested audit. MSD can raise up to 7% without Metro Counsil’s approval and MSD has requested every year but has not made it out of committee. If there are MSD issues, contact Debbie Carroll in Scott Reed’s office.
g. Veteran’s Hospital, which is a federal project, is currently under litigation regarding environmental study.
h. Lights from x-way to Lime Kiln reported as unsynchronized. Matt Bullock is the state project contact but Scott Reed will check into it.
i. Cherokee Park Triangle multi-story project discussed.
j. Repaving River road to begin mid 2019. Discussion followed regarding width, private funding, cycling/pedestrian shoulders, etc.

6. Miscellaneous:
a. Liz Coomes will address front entrance, suggesting evergreens (less deer attraction).
b. Falls Creek Road issues were discussed; e.g.; poultry, home maintenance, restrictions.
c. Jim Conner complimented the neighborhood sidewalk repairs and Hwy 42 concrete work completed.
d. Kenton Graviss reported encountering random sewage smells in the neighborhood, as did James Simrall.

7. Election Results.
The following individuals were nominated to the three vacancies on the Associations Board of Directors. Nominations were seconded and unanimously acclaimed from the floor by “ayes”:
a. James Conner 3611 Trail Ridge Rd
b. Liz Coomes 3604 Trail Ridge Rd.
c. Karen Triplett Meier 3602 Trail Ridge Rd.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Submitted by Karen J. Triplett Meier, Secretary, Falls Creek Homeowners Association, Inc.

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